The Author

Phillip G. Clampitt

Phillip G. Clampitt (PhD, University of Kansas) is the Blair Endowed Chair of Communication at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay (previously, the Hendrickson Chair of Business). He is a recognized expert in organizational communication, consulting with organizations such as PepsiCo, the U.S. Army War College and Nokia on issues such as communicating major changes, enhancing leaders’ effectiveness, and strategically using communication technologies. His more recent books include Social Media Strategy: Tools for Professionals and Organizations and Communicating for Managerial Effectiveness (6e), which is a Sage Publications best seller. His research has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and MIT Sloan Management Review. Professor Clampitt is passionate about teaching critical problem-solving skills to address communication and leadership challenges in climates of uncertainty. In fact, his students know him as “Dr. So What?” because of his unique questioning techniques designed to provoke critical thinking.