Ruminations Quiz

Chapters 5 – 8

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Our pre-disposition about the positive or negative nature of something should not totally influence our judgments.

Our "gut reactions" or emotional sentiments can make it difficult to objectively assess pros and cons.

Pizza is inherently something good.

Once you've thought through the positives and negatives, then you should lock in those evaluations to streamline your thinking.

Collaborating with other people always trumps not collaborating.

Which of the following is accurate?

According to research, the accuracy of weather forecasts is limited to about...

Assume you were contemplating a major decision and you had many more positives than negatives. The only logical conclusion would be that this decision is a "go" because the positives outweight the negatives.

Good decision-makers treat the thoughts associated with each plus and minus as roughly equal in value.

Emotional sentiments are inherent to a well-functioning human being but can be problematic during the decision-making process.