Reflecting Hacks Quiz

Chapters 22 – 25

Welcome to your Reflecting Hacks Quiz

Which of the following questions would help you discover patterns of success and error in your PMQ list?

A tendency to react to a decision based on how it is presented is known as what kind of bias?

A tendency to continue on a path because you've already invested so much time or money is known as what kind of bias?

Most pundits, advocates and commentators are not particularly interested in helping us clarify our thinking.

According to your author, PMQ thinking should be used in almost every situation.

PMQ thinking helps bridle natural emotional responses.

PMQ charts can be "gamed" by listing lame items.

Really smart people can have some wacky ideas.

Two smart people can have identical PMQ charts yet come to exactly opposite conclusions.

Since PMQ charts can be used to draw almost any conclusion you want, they hold little or no value.