Communicating Hacks Quiz

Chapters 18 – 21

Welcome to your Communicating Hacks Quiz

The best place to start when developing a communication strategy for sharing a decision is with analyzing the audiences that could be affected.

You should try to craft a really clever one-size-fits-all message for all your audiences.

Discussing your entire PMQ list with an audience allows you to achieve all the objectives below except:

The best policy is to share your entire PMQ list regardless of potential audience reactions.

Equivocation means to be purposefully vague.

Equivocation represents a middle ground between avoidance and tough discussion.

Changing the subject is a conversational tactic most associated with which of the following?

Which of the following represents an effective way to "package" your PMQ list?

"Cheerleading" your final decision might work in the short-term, but rarely does so in the long-term.

Your author uses the acronym WIFM to highlight which of the following decision downloading principle?